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Congratulations on making the change! I wonder if you have heard of I-Go cars (http://www.igocars.org/), a car-sharing cooperative through which you could use a car for the occasions when you couldn’t get a ride there... like to go out to the forest preserve. It’s a great support for being car free, but free, too, to go places the train won’t take you! Good luck, keep us in the loop!


Thanks Marla! Great advice about layering and being safe on two wheels.

Marla Rose

I very much enjoyed our car-free existence, Christine, which was facilitated by our paid-off car dying. We went for about a year without one, and it really forces you to be resilient and pragmatic. You have to plan, think ahead, strategize: I think these are great things to do and, ultimately, are part of the money savings one gets with being car-free. We only got a car again when my mother moved in with us as she needs to go to doctor's appointments a lot and does not travel well by bus and train. We do try to minimize the car as much as possible. The one thing I would recommend: layers and bike lights/safety. Don't scrimp on that sort of thing. I bought a lot of leggings, big socks, etc. at resale shops so we could be comfortable. Plus, the CTA Bus Tracker is a great resource: no more waiting outside until a bus shows up. Good luck, Christine! You'll make an adventure out of it as we did. :)

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